W3 Strategies, LLC can take issues, messages, and campaigns to the next level so you can be heard, succeed, and win by combining years of experience in communications strategy and digital savvy.


Ward Wyatt grew up in South Texas and is the product of a former State Representative turned U.S. Congressman and a County Republican Chair, and was exposed to government and campaign life at an early age.

While attending the University of Texas at Austin, and after earning a degree in government, Ward worked for the Texas Senate and House in a variety of roles before working on campaigns in 2012. In 2013, after managing the current Agriculture Commissioner’s campaign in West Virginia, Ward went on to serve as the Executive Director of the West Virginia Republican Party where he helped raise the money needed to flip the State Legislature, pick up seats in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Since 2014 and prior to launching W3 Strategies, Ward has managed Texas State Representative campaigns, lobbied the Texas Legislature, and consulted on local races.

When Ward isn’t working he enjoys helping his parents manage their cattle ranch and watching his Texas Longhorns.


From volunteering as a kid in his local Republican Party, to managing local and state races, to serving as the youngest executive director of a state party in the country, Ward understands what it takes to put together a campaign from the bottom up. Ward’s experience in grassroots organizing, coalition building, fundraising, and getting out the vote make W3 Strategies, LLC well equipped to take your campaign across the finish line, a winner.

Public Affairs

W3 Strategies, LLC combines Ward’s policy experience from serving as an aide in the 82nd Legislature to State House Committees Ways and Means and State Affairs to working for water interests in the 84th. During the 85th Legislature, Ward is working on the Gulf Bend Community Collaborative to address mental health issues in rural Texas. W3 Strategies, LLC uses strategic communications and digital strategy to package the effort while letting the client carry the torch.


Ward’s time managing high profile statewide campaigns in West Virginia, House Races in Texas and serving as executive director of the West Virginia Republican Party is where he honed his communications skills by combining rapid response with digital strategy. Through campaigns, non-profits, law enforcement, and legislative experience, W3 Strategies LLC specializes in packaging, branding, and communicating your message to achieve success in your objectives.

Social Media

Whether you are branding your business or running a campaign, your social media strategy is critical to your success. W3 Strategies has years of experience in managing social media campaigns and executing digital strategies from concept to achieving clients’ goals. Social media management is often a 24-hour job of monitoring content, opportunities, and opposition. W3 Strategies knows what it takes to make sure you never miss an opportunity to succeed online.

W3 Strategies works with all platforms and offers the following services to compliment your social media strategy:

  • Branding & Graphic Design
  • Defining target audiences
  • Grassroots engagement
  • Rapid response
  • Content creation
  • Online advertising
  • Photo & Video
  • Email communication
  • Fundraising


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